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Wireless Monitoring Systems

Locate your equipment any time, monitor actual hours of operation, and prevent unauthorized use. Reduce costs and increase productivity with maintenance notifications and alerts for equipment problems.
Wireless monitoring systems automatically collect and wirelessly transmit data about your equipment, so you can track your equipment location at all times and monitor the hours of operation. All data can be accessed through the internet and integrated into your business systems.You can also allow outside parties to access your equipment data.


Automatic Maintenance

Diamond Equipment can take care of your maintenance needs automatically. We can even troubleshoot problems remotely, so we arrive at your job site with the parts and diagnostic equipment to repair your equipment faster, as long as you have given us access to your equipment data.


Available Data

GPS location, detailed engine hours, customized management and maintenance reports, maintenance profiles and notifications, established boundaries that trigger alerts when equipment crosses them, after hours security alerts, driver directions and instructions, machine health monitoring.