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Keep Costs Down by Extending the Life of Your Attachments

Hydraulic Hammers

Complete a Regular Three Part Inspection

  1. Check for leaks in the attachment’s fittings or hoses
    Prior to use, inspect hoses for cracks and check that shielding is in place. Make sure your fittings are not loose and your hoses and fittings are free of contaminants.
  1. Inspect critical points for proper lubrication and function
    Power wash the attachment to remove dirt, sand or other contaminants. Once clean, follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper special grease or oil lubricant requirements for proper bushing wear.  These contain special agents designed specifically for manufacturers’ units, and standard grease is not acceptable for most hammers.
  1. Make sure the locking mechanism is operating correctly
    The locking mechanism should not be stiff or bent to ensure proper locking and unlocking of the attachment. Check for damage whenever attachments are changed. Never pry with tool while operating.


Best Practices


Buckets & Teeth

Bucket Inspections
Buckets require extra care – a well maintained bucket can cut down on costs by digging and breaking out more efficiently, which reduces fuel consumption and increases the rate of job completion. Prior to use, carefully check the following parts of your bucket: