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Choose the right hose

When choosing a hydraulic hose you should pay close attention to the following characteristics:
• Working Pressure – Choose a hose that is suitable for the working pressure of the machine
• Wire or Sheathing – Install wire or sheathing when fabricated if the hose will be used in an area exposed to damage from pinching or crushing
• Fluid – Make sure you use a hose compatible with the fluids that are used in the machine
• Size/Inner Diameter – Choosing the right size hose is important in order to avoid unwanted friction. When fluid rubs against the inner surface of the hose, friction is created, which creates heat, increases back pressure and reduces the rate of flow
• Match the Fluid Viscosity to the Operating Temperature – In order to achieve maximum component life, the fluid’s viscosity grade should be correctly matched to the operating temperature range of the hydraulic system


Keep your hose operating correctly

Follow these maintenance tips to ensure optimal performance and reduce risks, labor costs, and downtime

Pre-Use Inspection – To be completed before each use

Storage and Safety Tips

What if a hose fails?

Usually hoses fail due to misapplication, deterioration or improper maintenance. If the hose fails, be extremely careful:


Please contact your local service manager with any questions on hydraulic hoses or to schedule an inspection.