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$99 Machine Inspection Special*

Plus 10% OFF Labor For services during the first 30 days after inspection.

Service available 24/7
Certified, trained technicians
Documented maintenance for warranty assurance
Any brand, any model
Dozers, Articulated Trucks, Excavators, Motor Graders, Utility Equipment, Wheel Loaders, and more.


Equipment Maintenance and Safety Inspection Checkpoints**

Engine Compartment

Belts and hoses
Fuel, coolant and engine oil leaks
Air induction and exhaust systems
Charging system and wiring
Brackets, braces and bolts


Operator's Compartment

Safety equipment, warning lights and gauges
Windows and wipers
Seat, cushion and lighting


Exterior of Machine

Undercarriage, tires, wheels, suspension
Winch or ripper, cutting edges, shanks and teeth
Blade or bucket mounts
Oil or fuel leaks
Hydraulic cylinders

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